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Send Me Tulips

“Send Me Tulips is a moving story of love and faith, beautifully told and beautifully illustrated.”

-Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of
When Bad Things Happen To Good People

“This book is such a beautiful expression of the soul connection we have with the traveling companions in our life. I can't think of a better gift for someone who might need a little support from a friend.”

-Carol Adrienne, Ph.D., author of
When Life Changes, Or You Wish It Would

“Send Me Tulips is an exceptional book – wonderfully written and illustrated – that reminds us even in the midst of grief that the extraordinary bond of love can never be fully extinguished. It is a gift for children and adults alike.”

-Kenneth J. Doka, PhD
Professor, The College of New Rochelle
Senior Consultant, The Hospice Foundation of America



Prisma Press, Inc. is pleased to announce Send Me Tulips has been selected as a finalist in the Aging/End of Life category of the Best Book 2005 Awards for

Midwest Book Review

Midwest Book Review
Reviewer’s Choice—September, 2005

Author, educator and consultant Kathe Oleson and artist Kristin Pluhacek combine their considerable talents in Send Me Tulips to provide readers with a tender, sensitive, emotionally rewarding story of living, loving, and loss. Send Me Tulips focuses upon the journey of our living and our dying, embracing concepts of faith, grace, and love. Send Me Tulips is an impressive, memorable, welcome celebration that can bestow upon the reader a true sense of peace and healing when working through issues of grief. This unique 40 page, coffee table picture book for grownups is especially commended to anyone having to deal with end-of-life issues.

Mindquest Review

Recommended and Reviewed in the Mindquest Review
by Lightword Publishing
Winter, 2005

Subject: A heart-opening testimony about life, love and loss. No matter what our problems and loss, the compassionate message and interpretive pastel art will renew and strengthen our Spirit, faith, divine insight and love. The unique experience gleaned from the pages will remind us of our connections to one another and our oneness.

Noteworthy: The total experience of words and drawings will open the mind’s eye to our shared Collective Unconscious. A coffee table delight and wonderful gift idea as the insightful message relates to everyone. The sagacious use of space and movement within the pastels speaks to Self what words cannot say.